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The 4 series includes equipment for ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy and combination therapy. Equipment for ultrasound therapy ensures that both superficial and deep treatment are possible. Various surfaces can be treated with ultrasound treatment heads in two sizes. The equipment for electrotherapy includes all modern current types. Regardless of whether it concerns pain control or muscle strengthening, the 4 series has it! The combination equipment goes even further. In addition to the ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy, you can also treat simultaneously with these machines. You can then use the treatment head as an electrode and, therefore, already alleviate the pain at a very early stage while you apply the ultrasound. Moreover the combination is very well suited for electrodiagnosis, like for localising Triggerpoints.


Thanks to the intuitive touch screen interface, the 4 series can be operated very easily. A clear and well-organised menu will assist you in making therapeutic choices. All essential information will be displayed. The graphic support with images of the treatment area (for localisation of the ultrasound treatment head and/or the electrodes l) and with anatomic representations ensure that you are always correct!

Thanks to the battery-operated power supply (optional), the equipment can also easily be be used for ambulant treatments. There is no need for a fixed mains connection. All therapy types are immediately available at the bed of the patient, wherever your are. It is that easy!

Electrotherapy also becomes very easy by using the Vacotron 460 suction device. Vacuum electrodes can be positioned effortlessly. They simplify good localisation and are not burdening for the patient. Why do things the hard way? Therapy can also be easy.


The 4 series is fast, extremely fast. The menu structure ensures that you can quickly set the parameters. The integrated protocols and the various help screens will ensure, you do not lose time unnecessarily during treatment. The therapist can focus completely on the patient and the treatment while the device takes care of the rest!


Thanks to the integrated evidence-based protocols, you will know for sure that you are working safely. Every indication and every parameter has been extensively substantiated scientifically. The therapeutic effect is, therefore, guaranteed to be the best one available.


The Enraf-Nonius 4 series is the new generation of equipment for ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy and combination therapy. Thanks to the latest technological possibilities, the most advanced scientific insights and the many years of experience of Enraf-Nonius as developer of therapeutic equipment, you will be guaranteed of having the best in-house with the Sonopuls 492, the Sonopuls 490 and/or the Endomed 482.

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